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About Insurance Sales Academy (ISAK) created by Knowledgemaster International.

Our clients don’t come to us for our technical know-how, mandated fluff courses or product knowledge. They come to us for practical real time solutions that work to increase insurance sales.

We deliver a cost-effective online resource that is the perfect fit for your people. Whether you are a start-up business, a well established practice or just need quick answers to nagging problems you will benefit from the wide range of practical content you can access now.

Do we have experience! YES. Our breadth of experience is extensive. Jim Prigg the principal of ISAK has over 40 years experience in creating and delivering practical solutions to improve the sale of insurance.

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The Insurance Sales Academy

What if you could access practical, implemental and powerful knowledge to boost your productivity, prosperity and job satisfaction, online, on time, regularly and reliably?

The Insurance Sales Academy (ISAK) from Knowledgemaster International is a powerful learning platform built by a respected leader and in the "sale of advice" profession.

Designed for busy people

Quickly fill gaps in your knowledge, Learn critically important people, communication and interaction skills and Refer back to this resource whenever you want.

This is the practical support material that you need to grow your business. This is not about mandated fuzzy treatises written by academics about product knowledge, technical dissertations or mind-numbing compliance.

What Do You Get With ISAK?

You will be able to grow your business with easy to adapt and implement ideas, tips, tactics and techniques that work.

  • How-To Reports
  • Video Conferencing
  • Handbooks
  • Live Workshops

We Can Help YOU and Your Team

  • Access the tips, tactics and techniques to increase insurance sales
  • Get new and experienced people up to date and up to speed-fast!
  • Deliver real enrichment material without you having to take the time to source, write or refine it
  • Master the timeless sales and soft skills for better interaction and communication